ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 5 (1)
Volume: 5  Issue: 1 - 2000
1. Is it effective to file medical malpractice litigations and the names of hospitals and physicians involved on the Internet or not?
R.J. Cleophas, T.J. Cleophas
Pages 3 - 6

2. Polymerase chain reaction in pulmonary tuberculosis
O. Okutan, Z. Kartaloğlu, A. İlvan, K. Cerrahoğlu, E. Kunter, R Aydilek
Pages 7 - 9

3. Evaluation of a serological test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis using the 38kda antigen
A. M. Abdelnoor, G. Khaled, G.M. Matar, M.N. Khalil, F. Ramadan
Pages 10 - 12

4.Effects of education on knowledge and attitude of breast self examination among 25+ years old women
M. Öztürk, V.S. Engin, A.N. Kişioğlu, G. Yılmazer
Pages 13 - 17

5.Random amplified polymorphic DNA typing of enterococcus faecalis isolated from Lebanese individuals
H.S. Harakeh, M. Uwaydah, G.M. Matar
Pages 18 - 20

6.Hemoptysis: bronchoscopic-computed tomographic correlation in ninety eight cases
H. Ekim, İ. Sanisoğlu, H. Akar
Pages 21 - 25

7.Cervicothoracic pin migration following open reduction and pinning of a clavicular fracture (a case report)
J. Abdelnoor, J. Mantoura, A. Nahas
Pages 26 - 28
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8.Wilson’s disease presenting with severe hemolytic anemia (case report)
E.A. Özer, E. Kasırga, E. Özer, B. Atabay, I. Yaprak
Pages 29 - 30
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9.Hepatic schistosomiasis (report of a case accompanying a metastatic tumor in the liver)
Ö. Sağol, E. Özen, İ. Şimşek, E. Ellidokuz
Pages 31 - 32
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10.Urethral diverticulum and giant urethral stones occurring after scrotal flap urethroplasty
Z. Bayraktar, A.İ. Taşçı, T. Çaşkurlu, M. Çek, G. Sevin
Pages 33 - 34
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11.Squamous cell carcinoma of the kidney
Ö. Odabaş, M. Karakök, Y. Yılmaz, M.K Atilla, E. Akman, S. Aydın
Pages 35 - 36
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12.Crossed renal ectopy associated with tuberous sclerosis
Y. Yılmaz, Ö. Odabaş, İ. Demirtaş, M.K. Atilla, H. Dilek, H. Bayraklı
Pages 37 - 38
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13. Peptic ulcer or inflammatory gastric disease?
S. Kapıcıoğlu
Page 39
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