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Eastern Journal of Medicine
Factors Affecting Survıval Analysıs İn Non-Metastatıc Operated Gastric Cancer Patıents [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2021; 26(4): 561-565 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2021.02170

Factors Affecting Survıval Analysıs İn Non-Metastatıc Operated Gastric Cancer Patıents

Hayriye Tanin1, Nurhan Önal Kalkan2
1Department of Internal Medicine,Bitlis State Hospital,Bitlis,Turkey
2Department of Medical Oncology,University of Health Sciences, Van Training and Research Hospital, Van, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: To determine the factors that may have prognostic significance by evaluating the clinical data of patients with non-metastatic operated gastric cancer during diagnosis and to determine the effect of these prognostic factors on survival
METHODS: The records of 109 non-metastatic (Stage Ι-ΙΙΙ) and operated for gastric cancer between January 2013 and November 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. Gender, age, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance score of patients (ECOG PS), tumor’s location, macroscopic appearance, histological subtype, invasion depth (pT), metastasis on the lymph node (pN), stage (TNM), and its lymphatic, perineural and vascular invasion conditions were evaluated in terms of prognostic significance and their effects on survival.
RESULTS: 68 of the cases were male, 41 of them were female and the mean age was 58.81 (24-81). In our patients’ clinical staging, there were 15 patients in Stage 1, 36 of them in Stage 2, 58 of them in Stage 3. The disease-free survival time was 79 months in Stage 1 cases, 27 months in Stage 2 cases and 17 months in Stage 3 cases. When the data of the patients were analyzed by univariate analysis, pT (p = 0.003), pN (p = 0.004), stage (TNM), (p = 0.002), ECOG (p = 0.001), perineural invasion (p = 0.010) were found to be independent prognostic factors
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: Determining the prognostic factors in patients is very important to evaluate optimal treatment strategies in gastric cancer. We consider that the prognostic factors that we determined in our study may change the approach to treatment

Keywords: Gastric cancer, Prognostic factors, Survival Analysis

Hayriye Tanin, Nurhan Önal Kalkan. Factors Affecting Survıval Analysıs İn Non-Metastatıc Operated Gastric Cancer Patıents. Eastern J Med. 2021; 26(4): 561-565

Corresponding Author: Nurhan Önal Kalkan, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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