ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 6 (2)
Volume: 6  Issue: 2 - 2001
1.Seroepidemiology of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Children in The Eastern Anatolia
A. Üner, E. Kırımi, İ. Tuncer, A. Ceylan, MK. Türkdoğan, M. Abuhandan
Pages 40 - 42

2.Diameter and pressure of the water-jet for liver resection
Ç. Kotan, N.Y. Bayramov, T.M. Rzaev, A. Taş, U. Abbasov
Pages 43 - 47

3. Comparison of PCR and cultivation methods to determine the incidence of infections due to mycoplasma hominis and mycoplasma fermentans in women genitourinary tract
M.S. Serin, C. Evruke, F. Kibar, F. Koksal
Pages 48 - 52

4. Congenital complete entire carpal fusion with massive carpometacarpal coalition
İ. Tuncay, F. Akpınar, Ö. Ünal, A. Aydınlıoğlu
Pages 53 - 54
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5. Idiopathic atrophoderma of pasini and pierini
Ö. Çalka, A. Metin, M. Kösem
Pages 55 - 57
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6.Joubert syndrome: a rare cause of hypotonia and developmental delay in infancy and childhood
B. Varan, A. Akman, M. Coşkun, A. Sağduyu, P. Aydın
Pages 58 - 60
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