ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 4 (2)
Volume: 4  Issue: 2 - 1999
1.Glucose tolerance and lipid profile in survivors of myocardial infarction
H. Vural, T. Sabuncu, S. Alıcı, S. Türk
Pages 44 - 46
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2.The practice of breast-self examination among women at Gülistan district of Isparta*
M. Öztürk, V.S. Engin, A.N. Kişioğlu
Pages 47 - 50
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3.Observation of isthmic epithelial cells from fallopian tubes at follicular phase by light and scanning electron microscope*
M. Kamacı, Z. Suludere, K. Irmak, C. Can, H. Bayhan
Pages 51 - 53
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4.Investigation of plasma vitamin A levels in hyperlipidemic subjects
E. Ulukaya, M. Dirican, H.A. Tokullugil
Pages 54 - 57
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5.Comparison of latex agglutination test with protein a, clumping factor and coagulase tests for identification of staphylococci isolated from avian
B. Boynukara, K. Gürtürk, T. Gülhan, İ.H. Ekin, E. Öğün
Pages 58 - 60
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6.Correlation of CD44 expression with prognostic factors in oral squamous carcinoma
E. Özer, F. Kuyucuoğlu
Pages 61 - 64
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7.Clinical distribution and antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas species*
Ç. Ergin, G. Mutlu
Pages 65 - 69
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8.Changes in blood levels of prolactin, growth hormone and immunoglobulins during immune response*
A. Koyu, M.F. Özgüner, S. Çalışkan, M. Akdoğan, H. Köylü
Pages 70 - 72
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9.The use of pure lead instead of lipowitz alloy in radiotherapy applications and a newly-developed mold apparatus
M. Baş, O. Gürsoy, F. Alkaya, H. Ayar, A. Yavuz
Pages 73 - 76
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10.The effectiveness of intraperitoneal usage of hydroxyprogesterone caproate in prevention of postoperative adhesion : an experimental study
A. Gül, Ç. Kotan, G. Şahin, H. Timurkan, Y. Eryavuz
Pages 77 - 79
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11. Gastric myiasis due to oestrus species in a patient with gastric adenocarcinoma: a case report
H. Yılmaz, Ç. Kotan, H. Akdeniz, T. Buzğan
Pages 80 - 81
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12. Is there any role of finasteride in the treatment of prostatic hematuria?
A.K. Hemal, T.P. Rajeev
Page 82
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13.Dissociative trance disorder: a case report
S.M. Razali
Pages 83 - 84
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14.Aneurysmal intracerebral hemorrhage in a young patient: etiology and emergency treatment
K. Yücesoy, H. Özer, Z. Yüksel, T. Mertol
Pages 85 - 87
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