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  Eastern J Med: 18 (3)
Volume: 18  Issue: 3 - 2013
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1.Molecular targeted therapy in epithelial ovarian cancer
Şenol Şentürk, Işık Üstüner, E. Seda Güvendağ Güven
Pages 101 - 107

2.Evaluation of patients who underwent radical nephrectomy due to renal tumor
Mustafa Gunes, İlhan Gecit, Necip Princci, Kerem Taken, Kadir Ceylan, M. Reşit Öncü
Pages 108 - 112

3.The role of MR Myelogram in the diagnosis of traumatic pseudomeningocele
Hanifi Bayaroğulları, Nesrin Atci, Murat Altaş, Mustafa Aras, Raif Özden
Pages 113 - 117

4.Evaluation of the patients with lymph node tuberculosis
M. Fatih Garca, Mehmet Aslan, Guner Demir, Suayip Bilgen, Muhsin Uysal
Pages 118 - 122

5.Epidemiology of the hepatitis C infection in Van’s region
Bilge Gültepe, Ahmet Cumhur Dülger, Enver Aytemiz
Pages 123 - 126

6.Free-floating thrombus at left atrium in an advanced mitral stenosis case
Ali Kemal Gur, Vural Polat
Pages 127 - 129

7.Prolonged asystole during head-up tilt testing in a patient with Behcet’s disease
Vural Polat, Ali Kemal Gur, Orhan Dogdu
Pages 130 - 132

8.Bronchogenic cyst mimicking hydatid cyst or enfected bulla in child patient
Mahmut Tokur, Yakup Yesilkaya, Fuat Ozkan, Naime Tokur
Pages 133 - 135

9.Undetected piece of wood causing osteomyelitis of the metacarpal bone: A case report
Mehmet Fethi Ceylan, Savas Guner, Levent Ediz, Tulin Turkozu, Daghan Isik
Pages 136 - 138

10.A rare cause of median nerve compression: A fibroma originating from the tendon sheath in the carpal tunnel
Mustafa Baltacıoğlu, Serdar Yücel
Pages 139 - 141

11.Delayed status epilepticus due to bupropion and lamotrigine overdose
Nitin K. Sethi, Philippe Douyon, Ulrike Kaunzner, Prahlad K. Sethi, Josh Torgovnick, Frances Cukierwar, Justin Marcus
Pages 142 - 144

12.Surgical management of a persistent lichen sclerosus case and reconstruction of vulva with free rotation and V-Y advancement flaps
Cihangir Mutlu Ercan, Mufit Cemal Yenen, Murat Dede, Mustafa Deveci, Mustafa Ulubay, Ibrahim Alanbay, Hakan Coksuer
Pages 145 - 149

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