ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 18 (2)
Volume: 18  Issue: 2 - 2013
1.Clinical manifestations of tuberous sclerosis complex
Ahmet Engin Atay, Halit Akbas, Nafi Sakar, Semir Pasa, Seyhmus Ari, Nazim Ekin
Pages 52 - 57

2.Knowns and unknowns about regional anesthesia techniques and local anesthetics
Yasemin Isik, Ugur Goktas, Muhammed Bilal Cegin, Nureddin Yuzkat, Ismail Kati
Pages 58 - 63

3.Epidemiological features of the lip cancers and it’s relation with smoking
Hakan Çankaya, Mehmet Fatih Garça, Nazım Bozan, Dağhan Işık, Ahmet Faruk Kıroğlu
Pages 64 - 67

4.Iodine status in vulnerable groups of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, China
Pengfei Ge, Zhongliang Zhang, Yanling Wang, Yongqin Cao, Jinxiao Xi
Pages 68 - 71

5.Factors affecting mortality in burn patients admitted to intensive care unit
Mehmet Akin Tarim
Pages 72 - 75

6.Two patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage in pregnancy
Hayriye Gonullu, Sevdegul Karadas, Mehmet Resit Oncu, Mehmet Tasdemir
Pages 76 - 80

7.Primary operative renal salvage of grade-4 blunt renal injury: A case report
Zlatan Zvizdic, Nusret Popovic, Emir Milisic
Pages 81 - 83

8.Ileo-colic intussusception following oral polio vaccination: A mere coincidence or morbid consequence
Chandan Kumar Shaw, Prachi Shaw, Tejesh Malla, Jalaj Baxi
Pages 84 - 86

9.A different symptom due to mitral valve stenosis: Back pain
Ali Kemal Gur, Vural Polat
Pages 87 - 89

10.Sturge-Weber syndrome with involvement of chest dermatomes and unilateral buphthalmos: A rare association
Deepak Mishra, Prashant Bhushan, Mahendra K Singh, Om P Mishra
Pages 90 - 91

11.Carbapenem associated seizure in a severe melioidosis patient: A case report
Josephine Henry Basil
Pages 92 - 96

12.Detection of fetal keratin with high molecular weight cytokeratin immunostaining in lung biopsy material from a patient with amniotic fluid embolism
Servet Hacivelioglu, Huseyin Oguzalp, Asli Muratli, Fatih Asgun, Bahadir Kirilmaz, Dilek Omur
Pages 97 - 100

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