ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 16 (2)
Volume: 16  Issue: 2 - 2011
1.Social and behavioural research: tool for intensifying fight against AIDS in India
Nita Mawar, Ramesh S Paranjape, Mohamed Ejazuddin Khan
Pages 94 - 98
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2.Understanding HIV epidemic in India: analyses of the HIV program data
Ruchi Sogarwal, Damodar Bachani, S. Venkatesh
Pages 99 - 106

3.Integrated behavioral and biological assessment: methodological issues in social and behavioral research
Thilakavathi Subramanian, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Ramesh S. Paranjape
Pages 107 - 112

4.Determinants of youth sexual behaviour: program implications for India
Beena Joshi, Sanjay Chauhan
Pages 113 - 121

5.Correlates of sexual behaviour of rural college youth in Maharashtra, India
Mohan Ghule, Balaiah Donta
Pages 122 - 132

6.Social change communication: a panacea for HIV and AIDS?-An outlook of a program manager
Rajesh Gopal
Pages 133 - 136

7.Lessons learnt from ongoing counseling during follow-up visits by men and women attending a VCTC
Nita Mawar, Rajani Bagul, Suvarna Sane, Tuman Katendra, Srikanth Prasad Tripathy, Ramesh Shivram Paranjape
Pages 137 - 146

8.Relationship between social factors and treatment adherence: a study from south India
Kidangazhiathmana Ajithkumar, Poovassery Govindhan Neera, Parassery Parameswaran Rajani
Pages 147 - 152

9.Mainstreaming gender in HIV programs: issues, challenges and way forward
Aprajita Mukherjee, Madhumita Das
Pages 153 - 159

10.HIV risk behavior and acceptability of microbicides in chennai, India
Suniti Solomon, Kathleen Morrow, AK Srikrishnan, Jessica Buck, Sreekanth Chaguturu, Rochelle Rosen, Rochelle D'Souza Yepthomi, Kenneth Mayer
Pages 160 - 167

11.Engaging community to support HIV prevention research
Seema Sahay, Sanjay Mehendale
Pages 168 - 177

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