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R-R interval variation in migraine patients [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2006; 11(1): 1-6

R-R interval variation in migraine patients

Recep Aygül1, Orhan Deniz1, Asuman Orhan1, Nuri Koçak1, M. Dursun Kaya2, Hızır Ulvi1

The aim of this study was to evaluate possible cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction in migraine patients with the R-R interval variation (RRIV) measurement, which is an easy and reliable method for the evaluation of parasympathetic function. We studied 71 migraine patients in headache- free intervals (mean age: 31.6±8.9, range 13-57 years; 52 females and 19 males), all without any known heart disease, and 51 age-matched healthy subjects (mean age: 28.8±9.1, range 13-52 years; 25 females and 26 males). RRIVs at rest (R%) and during deep breathing (D%) were studied in all the subjects. The difference between D% and R% (D-R) and the ratio of D% to R% (D/ R) was also determined.The mean values of RRIV in migraine patients at rest [mean RRIV in patients, 15.98±6.30% vs controls, 18.92±5.82% (p < 0.05)] and during deep breathing [mean RRIV in patients, 28.72±9.95% vs controls, 34.57±11.50% (p < 0.05)] and D-R [mean in patients, 12.74±7.90% vs controls, 15.64±8.20% (p < 0.05)] were significantly lower compared with the controls, but D/R [mean in patients, 1.90±0.58% vs controls, 1.86±0.42% (p > 0.05)] was not significant. Patients with migraine have hypofunction in the parasympathetic nervous system during routine daily activity in the headache-free period.

Keywords: Migraine, autonomic dysfunction, R-R interval variation, parasympathetic nervous system

Recep Aygül, Orhan Deniz, Asuman Orhan, Nuri Koçak, M. Dursun Kaya, Hızır Ulvi. R-R interval variation in migraine patients. Eastern J Med. 2006; 11(1): 1-6
Manuscript Language: English
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