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  A study of epidemiological factors affecting low birth weight [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2013; 18(1): 13-15

A study of epidemiological factors affecting low birth weight

Humera Hayat1, Parwez Sajad Khan2, Gazala Hayat3, Rehana Hayat1

About half of all deaths in perinatal period are directly or indirectly related to low birth. A multifactorial inter-relationship exists between the pregnant motherís environment and growth of fetus. There are numerous factors associated with low birth weight and if these factors are detected early and addressed properly, the low birth weight and the consequences thereof can be reduced. To identify the epidemiological factors affecting low birth weight in our set up.This a cross sectional study. August 2010 to July 2011. A total of 500 recently delivered mothers with alive born babies.Chi-square test was used in statistical analyses. Maternal age, socioeconomic and educational status, interpregnancy interval and number of antenatal visits along with maternal anemia, hypertension and urinary tract infection, during pregnancy were significantly associated with low birth weight. Proper health education along with over all socioeconomic development, are the very important steps to be taken to decrease the incidence of low birth weight.

Keywords: Low birth weight, epidemiological factors, morbid factors

Humera Hayat, Parwez Sajad Khan, Gazala Hayat, Rehana Hayat. A study of epidemiological factors affecting low birth weight. Eastern J Med. 2013; 18(1): 13-15

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