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  Fracture of the penis [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 1998; 3(1): 17-19

Fracture of the penis

Ç. Dinçel1, T. Çaşkurlu1, S. Resim1, Z. Bayraktar1, A.İ. Tasçı1, G. Sevin1

Objective Fracture of the penis is a rare condition. The fracture is easy to recognize but the treatment remains controversial. We present 11 cases with follow up that illustrate the results of surgical form of management, and we discuss the treatment of penile fracture in the light of our experience and of the current literature. Method Between December 1991 and January 1997, eleven patients underwent emergenty operation in the first day after penile fracture. Our operative plan, consisted of immediate exploration, debridement and primary repair of the tear in the tunica albuginea. Results Their mean age was 27 years (range 21-38 yrs ). Penile fracture was due to sexual maneuvers in 8, manipulation in 2 and fall onto erect penis in one of the patients. The mean hospitalization time was 2.2 days (range 1-3 days). There was no significant early postoperative complication except wound infection in one patient. In the first month of the postoperative period, there was residual fibrosis due to nonabsorbable sutures in one patient and mild pain during coitus in another. All patients had full erection and no patient needed additional treatment. Conclusion To avoid serious complications and preserve penile functions, immediate surgical intervention is recommended.,

Keywords: Penis, trauma, fracture, corpus cavernosum

Ç. Dinçel, T. Çaşkurlu, S. Resim, Z. Bayraktar, A.İ. Tasçı, G. Sevin.  Fracture of the penis. Eastern J Med. 1998; 3(1): 17-19

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