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  Overlap of myasthenia gravis and graves’ disease [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2014; 19(3): 158-159

Overlap of myasthenia gravis and graves’ disease

Aysel Milanlıoğlu1, Vedat Çilingir1, Mehmet Hamamcı1, Temel Tombul1

Both myasthenia gravis and graves’ disease are auto-immune diseases. Patients with myasthenia gravis may have evidence of coexisting auto-immune thyroid diseases like graves’ disease. The coexistence of two diseases is rarely observed but easily recognized if the association comes to mind. In this report, we present a case of 17-year-old female patient having myasthenia gravis with concomitant graves’ disease and is treated successfully with both pyridostigmine and propylthiouracil options. In conclusion, our case is a good example that the clinical features of autoimmune diseases can overlap and the presence of one auto-immune disease in a patient should require detailed investigations for other autoimmune diseases.

Keywords: Myasthenia gravis, thyroid disease, graves’ disease

Aysel Milanlıoğlu, Vedat Çilingir, Mehmet Hamamcı, Temel Tombul. Overlap of myasthenia gravis and graves’ disease. Eastern J Med. 2014; 19(3): 158-159

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