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  The Use of Phosphate Enama in the Treatment of Short Segment Intususception Cases [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(2): 227-230 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2019.75436  

The Use of Phosphate Enama in the Treatment of Short Segment Intususception Cases

Salim Bilici1, Veli Avci2
1(1) department Of Pediatric Surgey, Gazi Yaşargil Training And Research Hospital, University Of Health Sciences, Diyarbakır/turkey
2(2) department Of Pediatric Surgey, Faculty Of Medicine, Van Yuzuncu Yil University, Van/turkey

INTRODUCTION: In the treatment of intussusception wide variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment modalities have been applied so far. Nowadays, it is usually treated with hydrostatic and pneumatic reduction. In this study, the reduction of short segment intussusception by using phosphate enema used as a practical method that was not previously reported.
METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the cases of intussusception that is named reduction by phosphate enema applied by rectal administration in the pediatric surgery department. 88 patients were included in the study. Monobasic sodium phosphate + dibasic sodium phosphate containing 67.5 ml solution (Fleet Enema®) or Sodium Dihydrogenphosphate 3,5 gr + Disodium Hydrogenphosphate containing 67.5 ml solution (BT® Enema) was administered rectally in one shot. After defecation, the patients were reevaluated with ultrasonography.
RESULTS: The procedure was successful in 80 cases. Eight cases in which the procedure was unsuccessful were treated by ultrasound guided hydrostatic reduction.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: During childhood, short segment intussusception cases can be managed successfully with phosphate enema, it is easy to apply and a practical treatment. We believe that this approach would be an acceptable treatment when it is validated with larger scale studies.

Keywords: Intussusception, phosphate enema, children.

Salim Bilici, Veli Avci. The Use of Phosphate Enama in the Treatment of Short Segment Intususception Cases. Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(2): 227-230

Corresponding Author: Salim Bilici, Türkiye

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