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Silver nanoparticles; a new hope in cancer therapy? [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(1): 111-116 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2019.66487

Silver nanoparticles; a new hope in cancer therapy?

Şükriye Yeşilot, Çiğdem Aydın Acar
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Bucak Schooll Of Health, Burdur, Turkey

Nowadays, with the rapid developments in nanotechnology, there has been a significant increase in the usage of nanoparticles within the biomedical field. Nanoparticles are defined as particles ranging in size from 1 to 100 nm. Especially, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have been extensively applied in biomedical areas due to their physicochemical, and biological therapeutic properties. Recent studies have shown that there are anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic biological activities, especially anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties of silver nanoparticles. Also, the appropriate knowledge of these characteristics is crucial since this knowledge enhances their potential applications in many areas while decreasing their possible dangers to humans and the environment. Recent researches demonstrate that multifunctional cytotoxic biological activities of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles can be used as an anti-cancer agent. In this work, it is aimed to give a literature review of the studies on silver nanoparticles, synthesis techniquies and their possible usages especially in cancer treatment and future challenges.

Keywords: Silver nanoparticles, AgNPs, Anticancer, Nanotechnology

Şükriye Yeşilot, Çiğdem Aydın Acar. Silver nanoparticles; a new hope in cancer therapy?. Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(1): 111-116

Corresponding Author: Çiğdem Aydın Acar, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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