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EDTA-Dependent platelet clumping in a patient with hypothyroidism [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2010; 15(1): 31-33

EDTA-Dependent platelet clumping in a patient with hypothyroidism

Felipe Montes Pena1, Sabrina Bernardez Pereira2, Renato de Freitas Ribeiro Niemeyer3, Bruno de Freitas Ribeiro Niemeyer3

The pseudothrombocytopenia by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is caused by natural antiplatelet antibodies and is responsible for thrombocytopenia when platelet count is performed by automatic devices. Although it is difficult to assess the rate of this phenomenon, it is believed that the incidence is higher in hospitalized patients, especially in those with liver and autoimmune diseases and cancer. In this article we describe a female patient with complaints of clinical hypothyroidism and repeated values of thrombocytopenia, which was diagnosed as pseudothrombocytopenia due to ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid after proper analysis.

Keywords: Key words: Pseudothrombocytopenia; antibodies, platelet count, hypothyroidism

Felipe Montes Pena, Sabrina Bernardez Pereira, Renato de Freitas Ribeiro Niemeyer, Bruno de Freitas Ribeiro Niemeyer. EDTA-Dependent platelet clumping in a patient with hypothyroidism. Eastern J Med. 2010; 15(1): 31-33
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