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  Epidemiological features of the lip cancers and it’s relation with smoking [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2013; 18(2): 64-67

Epidemiological features of the lip cancers and it’s relation with smoking

Hakan Çankaya1, Mehmet Fatih Garça1, Nazım Bozan1, Dağhan Işık2, Ahmet Faruk Kıroğlu1

To evaluate the epidemiological features of the patients with lip cancer and the relationship between these features and smoking. The relationship between epidemiological features, localization of the lesions, histopathological type and smoking was evaluated in 92 patients in this study. The number of the patients with lip cancers was average 5.41 per year and the 80% of the cases were male. The average age was 62.1. When the average age was compared with gender, the females were meaningfully older than males (p<0.05). It was seen that the patients who smokes were younger than the patients who do not (p<0.05). It was seen that a large number of the patients (57.6%) were the farmers who work in the open air and they were meaningfully younger than other professional groups (p<0.05). A large number of the lesions were squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) (88%). While 86% of the lesions in the patients with SCC were localized on the lower lip, 70% of the lesions in the patients with basal cell cancer were localized on the upper lip. There was no statistical difference in terms of smoking and histopathological types (p>0.05). Lip cancers do not reflect the characteristics of the oral cavity tumors because of the differences in behavioral patterns and while the exposure to ultraviolet sun lights has an important role in the ethiology, it was evaluated that smoking had a little contribution to the tumor development.

Keywords: Lip cancer, epidemiology, ultraviolet, smoking

Hakan Çankaya, Mehmet Fatih Garça, Nazım Bozan, Dağhan Işık, Ahmet Faruk Kıroğlu. Epidemiological features of the lip cancers and it’s relation with smoking. Eastern J Med. 2013; 18(2): 64-67

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