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  The association of Visfatin levels with metabolic parameters and inflammation in diabetic nephropathy [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2020; 25(2): 218-224 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2020.27122  

The association of Visfatin levels with metabolic parameters and inflammation in diabetic nephropathy

Ayşegül Sakin1, Suleyman Sahin1, Ahmet Behlul2, Abdullah Sumnu2, Meltem Gursu3, Abdullah SAKİN4, Savas Ozturk2
1University of Health Sciences, Department of Internal Medicine, Van Training and Research hospital, Van, Turkey
2University of Health Sciences, Department of Nephrology, Haseki Training and Research hospital, Van, Turkey
3Department of Nephrology, Bezmialem University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
4Department of Internal Medicine, Yuzuncu Yil University Medical School, 65030, Van, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: To investigate the visfatin levels at different stages of diabetic nephropathy(DNP), changes in visfatin levels according to stages of DNP, and the association of visfatin levels with other anti-inflammatory parameters including high sensitivity C-reactive protein(hsCRP), interleukin-6(IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNFα).
METHODS: Patients were stratified into 4 groups based on the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) and albuminuria as follows; Group I: albuminuria<30 mg/day and GFR>60ml/min, Group II: albuminuria 30 to 300 mg/day and GFR>60ml/min, Group III: albuminuria>300mg/day and GFR>60ml/min, and Group IV: albuminuria>300 mg/day and GFR<60 ml/min.
RESULTS: Of the 141 patients included in the study, 83(58.8%) were female. The mean age of patients was 55.3±8.2 years. Microalbuminuria was found to be 10.1±9.8 mg/day in group I, 89.4±68.2 mg/day in group II, 525.1±280.7 mg/day in group III, and 1034±1893 mg/day in group IV, showing a statistically significant difference between the groups(p<0.001). When the correlation analysis was repeated separately in each group, there was a positive correlation between Visfatin and IL-6 levels in only group III (r=0.926; p<0.001). When the patients in group III and IV were combined in a single group and considered as macro-albuminuric, multivariate analysis showed that visfatin had a positive correlation with IL-6 (r=0.380, p=0.006)
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: In this study, we could not determine any association between visfatin levels and other anti-inflammatory markers(IL-6, TNFα, and hsCRP). However, we found a close relationship between visfatin levels and IL-6 which is one of the most important markers of inflammation in diabetic patients with overt nephropathy, namely macro-albuminuric patients.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, diabetic nephropathy, visfatin, inflammation marker

Ayşegül Sakin, Suleyman Sahin, Ahmet Behlul, Abdullah Sumnu, Meltem Gursu, Abdullah SAKİN, Savas Ozturk. The association of Visfatin levels with metabolic parameters and inflammation in diabetic nephropathy. Eastern J Med. 2020; 25(2): 218-224

Corresponding Author: Ayşegül Sakin, Türkiye

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