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  Endoscopic endonasal drainage of sphenoid sinus mucocele in a child [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2015; 20(1): 49-52

Endoscopic endonasal drainage of sphenoid sinus mucocele in a child

Khadijah Mohd Nor1, Balwant Singh Gendeh2
1Department of ORL-HNS, UM Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The sphenoid sinus is the least common site for mucocele of all paranasal sinuses. It is very rare in children, especially in those younger than 12 years when pneumatization of the sphenoid sinus has not been completed yet. We report a case of histologically proven sphenoid sinus mucocele in an 8 year old child. The child presented with an acute onset of significant headache and vomiting. He also had a chronic problem of visual impairment. His vision gradually improved after endoscope endonasal sphenoidotomy and drainage of the sinus content which resolved all his symptoms. The rareness of paranasal sinus mucocele in children especially sphenoid occurrence prompted the authors to discuss the etiology, radiological imaging findings and the role of endoscopic endonasal sphenoidotomy.

Keywords: Sphenoid sinus, Mucocele, Children, Endoscopic endonasal sphenoidotomy

Khadijah Mohd Nor, Balwant Singh Gendeh. Endoscopic endonasal drainage of sphenoid sinus mucocele in a child. Eastern J Med. 2015; 20(1): 49-52

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