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Ethic Rules

Ethic Rules

  1. The ethical approval must be obtained for all studies that require an ethical statement for all clinical and experimental studies on human and animals from all scientific fields. This approval should be indicated in the manuscript and presented as an appropriate offical paper during the submission process.
  2. Under this section, the ethical rules should be provided for authors, reviewers and editors.
  3. The statement regarding the following of ethical rules was obtained should be indicated in the articles.
  4. For the experimental, clinical and drug human studies, approval by ethical committee and statement on the adherence of the study protocol to the international agreements (Helsinki Declaration revised 2013 ( are required. In experimental animal studies, the authors should indicate that the procedures followed were in accordance with animal rights (Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals, and they should obtain animal ethic committee approval. The ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) recommendations and COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)ís international standards should be followed by Editors and authors during submission and evaluation of scientific papers.
  5. The information regarding the date, number and name of ethical board should be provided in the methods section and also in the first/last page of manuscript. For case reports whenever data/media used could reveal identity of the patient, an informed consent form should be obtained and indicated in the manuscirpt.
  6. The copyright regulations and permissions should be followed and provided in the manuscirpt for the used data and artworks.

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