ISSN 1301 - 0883 | E-ISSN: 1309-3886
Eastern Journal Of Medicine - Eastern J Med: 7 (1)
Volume: 7  Issue: 1 - 2002
1.The Effect of Dorzolamide on Intraocular Pressure and Ocular Pulse Amplitude: Adjunctive Therapy to Beta-Blockers as a Substitite for Pilocarpine or as a Second-Line Therapeutic Agent in Patients with Open-Angle Glaucoma
M. L. M.L, Ö. Benian
Pages 1 - 5

2.Loss of Correction in Thoracolumbar Junction Fractures with Posterior Fusion
İ. Tuncay, F. Akpınar, N. Tosun, İslam C
Pages 6 - 10

3.Serum Zinc and Copper Levels in Amebic Dysentery
A. B. Erbağcı, M. Tarakçıoğlu, M. Namıduru, E. S. Namıduru, J. Özaslan, İ. Karaoğlan
Pages 11 - 14

4.Erythrocyte glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency frequency in Gaziantep, Turkey
A. B. Erbağcı, N. Yılmaz
Pages 15 - 18

5. Urorectal septum malformation sequence: a case report
M. Türkmen, G. İnan, N. Çulhacı, H. Yüksel, F. Sönmez, K. Temoçin
Pages 19 - 21
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6.Abdominal aortic aneurism operation in a high risk patient under combined spinal epidural anesthesia
L. Kılıçkan
Pages 22 - 23
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7. Primary venous aneurysm of the external jugular vein
H. Ekim, S. Özen
Pages 24 - 25
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