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Endoscopic drainage of superior subperiosteal orbital abscess [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2014; 19(4): 194-197

Endoscopic drainage of superior subperiosteal orbital abscess

Min Han Kong1, Che Hamzah Jemaima2, Asnida Nasaruddin Rona2, Singh Gendeh Balwant1

Subperiosteal abscess (SPA) complicating sinusitis is commonly located lateral to the lamina papyracea. There are multiple routes of spread from ethmoidal sinus into subperiosteal space and direct spread through the thin lamina papyracea is one of the routes. Superiorly located SPA is traditionally drained by open approach. We report a 56-year-old man with right SPA located in the superior orbital roof with medial extension secondary to frontal sinusitis successfully drained endoscopically avoiding additional external skin incision and achieve a complete evacuation of abscess without evidence of recurrence on follow up at 1 year.

Keywords: Orbit, superior subperiosteal abscess, sinusitis, endoscopic endonasal

Min Han Kong, Che Hamzah Jemaima, Asnida Nasaruddin Rona, Singh Gendeh Balwant. Endoscopic drainage of superior subperiosteal orbital abscess. Eastern J Med. 2014; 19(4): 194-197
Manuscript Language: English
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