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  School process role for children with cerebral palsy [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2012; 17(4): 213-216

School process role for children with cerebral palsy

Erna Zgur1

Every child needs for successful school entering specific developmental maturation that includes developmental maturity on cognitive, emotional, social and motor area. Cerebral palsy (CP) at child causes appearance of many difficulties that are shown on motor and other activities. Brain damage and also their associational connections cause a lot of defects, that are influencing on different school capabilities and skills: capability of thinking, concentration, listening, speech, reading, articulating, writing, drawing, analysing, synthesizing, conclusion, processing and math. Exact and proper schooling and adequate complexity of school education significantly accelerate a progress on different areas, not only on self dependent, but also social independence in a child with CP in a long term. Quality, unique and on time choice of school process at holistic rehabilitation of child with CP is significant and includes efficient preparation for wider social inclusion.

Keywords: Cerebral palsy, school activities, help programme, team work

Erna Zgur. School process role for children with cerebral palsy. Eastern J Med. 2012; 17(4): 213-216

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