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Factors Influencing the Ethical Sensitivity of Nurses Working in a University Hospital [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(3): 257-264 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2019.05025  

Factors Influencing the Ethical Sensitivity of Nurses Working in a University Hospital

Esma Ayşe Öztürk1, Asuman Şener2, Zeliha Koç3, Latif Duran4
1Health Science Institution, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey
2Health Services Vocational School, Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey
3Health Science Faculty, Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey
4Emergency Medicine, Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: Ethical sensitivity is defined as sensitivity to ethical problems, which for nurses means being acquainted with ethical values within a situation or situations concerning human health. As a nurse, having high ethical sensitivity not only leads to occupational professionalization, but it also directly influences the quality of nursing care provided to patients.

METHODS: This study was conducted in 2016 by 178 nurses working in a university hospital in the center of Samsun. The data was collected using an introductory information form and the Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire (MSQ).

RESULTS: In this study, the median nurse’s result on the Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire (MSQ) was 88(52–187), whereas the median result on its sub-dimensions, such as autonomy, benevolence, holistic approach, experiencing conflict, practice, and orientation, were 20(8–45), 12(4–25), 12(5–35), 13(5–21), 12(4–25), and 7(4–28), respectively. Nonetheless, it has been observed that MSQ median results change according to the working year, the number of patients, and the work satisfaction level at any given institution; it has also been observed that the ethical sensitivity level is higher for nurses who have worked for 20 to 28 years, who care for 11–21 patients daily, and who have a moderate work satisfaction level.

DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: This study suggests that MSQ score varies depending on some sociodemographic and professional characteristics such as income level, work life quality, professional satisfaction, length of service of nurses, whether or not they are satisfied with the service they work at, number of patients cared per day, total number of nurses at the service they work at.

Keywords: Ethical sensitivity, Hospital, Nursing

Esma Ayşe Öztürk, Asuman Şener, Zeliha Koç, Latif Duran. Factors Influencing the Ethical Sensitivity of Nurses Working in a University Hospital. Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(3): 257-264

Corresponding Author: Asuman Şener, Türkiye

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