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Systemic inflammatory blood markers in patients with tympanosclerosis [Eastern J Med]
Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(1): 42-46 | DOI: 10.5505/ejm.2019.00710  

Systemic inflammatory blood markers in patients with tympanosclerosis

Ufuk Düzenli1, Nazım Bozan1, Ramazan Akın1, Ahmet Faruk Kıroğlu1, Mehmet Aslan2
1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Yüzüncü Yıl University, Van, Turkey
2Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Yüzüncü Yıl University, Van, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: Tympanosclerosis is a disorder as known hyaline accumulation in the middle ear. Inflammation has been proposed in the development of tympanosclerosis. The mean platelet volume (MPV), neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and red cell distribution width (RDW) are most common markers of systemic inflammation.
METHODS: Fourty patients who diagnosed tympanosclerosis intraoperatively and 35 subjects without tympanosclerosis were enrolled in this retrospective study. The MPV, RDW, neutrophil and lymphocyte as well as platelet count were evaluated from complete blood counts in both trial participants. NLR was calculated.
The purpose of this research was to determine blood systemic inflammatory markers in patients with tympanosclerosis.

RESULTS: The average age of patients with tympanosclerosis was 23.4±9.2 years, and it was found 24.7± 8.9 years in subjects without tympanosclerosis. There were 21 female and 19 male in subjects with tympanosclerosis and 17 female and 18 male in subjects without tympanosclerosis. Two groups have similar results with respect to age and gender. There was no important difference between two research participants with respect to the MPV, RDW and NLR (p>0.05).
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: We could not find any association between the markers of blood systemic inflammatory and tympanosclerosis. Therefore, tympanosclerosis does not seem to change the systemic inflammation.

Keywords: Otitis Media, Tympanosclerosis, Mean Platelet Volume, Red Cell Distribution Width, Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio

Ufuk Düzenli, Nazım Bozan, Ramazan Akın, Ahmet Faruk Kıroğlu, Mehmet Aslan. Systemic inflammatory blood markers in patients with tympanosclerosis. Eastern J Med. 2019; 24(1): 42-46

Corresponding Author: Ufuk Düzenli, Türkiye

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